2. Treffen der Freilichttheater CH-Europa  

2nd Open Air Theatre Meeting 2010 – Switzerland – EUROPE

in Uznach, St. Gallen, Switzerland

On September 4th and 5th, 2010 in Uznach, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland there will be a meeting of open-air theatre productions with non-professional actors. This will take place in two different rounds of performances, consisting of excerpts of scenes from current productions. Two European performances, as well as workshops, podium discussions, and awarding of prizes will also be included.


The organizing committee is made up of representatives from the Commedia Adebar Uznach and the Rotfarb Culture Meeting Place of Uznach, as well as the artistic director Barbara Schlumpf and the principal organizer, Liliana Heimberg.


Target Audience

Those working in theater, especially in open-air productions,

Theatre-goers from Uznach and the surrounding area,

Students from ZHdK, pursuing studies in theatre education, stage design and stagecraft,

CAS and MAS students in theatre education, CAS students in folk theatre,

direction, students pursuing studies in the science of theatre,                               

Culture delegates from the government at the national, cantonal and local levels,

as well as from culture foundations,

The media.